5 Key Items Health Plans Should Consider Before Issuing a Genetic Testing RFP

...and 10 sample questions to include in your next RFP for a better end result.

The cost of genetic testing is rising fast.  Are you getting the most from your vendors?

Faced with the urgency of managing genetic testing costs, many health plans have issued RFPs to engage support with for cost management programs – pre-authorization, medical policy development, etc. – only to end up disappointed with the results. The reasons why, and the ways to avoid them, are discussed in this in-depth whitepaper.

You’ll learn:

  • Common (costly) mistakes health plans make when purchasing genetic test cost management services

  • Expensive categories of testing you may be overlooking

  • Insights your claims data could provide, but probably isn’t.

Also included are 10 sample questions to improve your next RFP.

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