NASHVILLE, Tenn. (December 21, 2015) — NextGxDx Inc. (*now Concert Genetics) today announced an agreement with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to deliver GeneConnect®, the genetic test utilization management solution that enables healthcare institutions to create genetic testing formularies that can lower the costs and address the workflow inefficiencies associated with genetic test ordering.

“Genetic testing is the lynchpin of personalized medicine, but with nearly 60,000 genetic testing products currently on the market, the field is enormously complex,” said Mark Harris, Ph.D., CEO of NextGxDx. “Cincinnati Children’s is developing sophisticated genetic test utilization management strategies, and we’re excited to assist them in this quest.”

The laboratory management team at Cincinnati Children’s is using GeneConnect’s administrative tools to monitor test utilization, track electronic orders and results, and easily compare testing options across reference labs. By incorporating GeneConnect into their ordering workflow, the goal is to support their physicians and genetic counselors in selecting the most clinically-effective and cost-effective laboratory tests for their patients.

The agreement between Cincinnati Children’s and NextGxDx begins effective immediately.


*NextGxDx became Concert Genetics in March 2017.

Mon. December 21, 2015