These tools and resources can help you work with your healthcare provider — or find one who specializes in genetics — to identify the best options to meet your unique needs.

Genetic Test Finder

Our company has assembled the most complete listing of genetic tests offered by US-based laboratories, and we offer a free search tool for clinicians and their patients who are looking for testing options. Click below to search the database, or to share the link with your provider.

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About Genetic Counselors

Genetic counselors are clinicians who are trained in genetics and counseling. A genetic counselor can help you understand the genetic roots of disease in your family, learn whether testing is right for you and understand what test results mean for you and your family. To learn more, or to search for a genetic counselor, click the link below.

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About Medical Geneticists

Medical geneticists are doctors who specialize in in diagnosing and caring for patients with genetic conditions. The American College of Medical Genetics provides a search tool to help patients find a medical geneticists. Click below to to access that tool.

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Genetics Home Reference

This website from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) provides background on many genetic diseases and the genes connected to them. Click below to access the Genetics Home Reference.

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Genetic Alliance

This long-standing resource for families impacted by genetic disease is active in advocating for families, drawing together groups across the country and advocating for best practices in clinical research. Click below to visit the Genetic Alliance website.

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Global Genes

This advocacy group supports individuals and families living with rare diseases, working to overcome the challenges of life with rare disease.

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ThinkGenetic, Inc.

This company empowers people alongside their journey of living with genetic conditions by aiming to reduce the time to a genetic diagnosis with accessible content, tools and data services that spark meaningful action.

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