Concert’s Genetic Test Finder allows clinicians to search a comprehensive catalog of all genetic tests on the market, comparing across key test details to determine which test makes the most sense for each patient.

Genetic Test Finder

This free tool allows clinicians to search a catalog of the U.S. clinical genetic testing market – today more than 75,000 testing products – comparing list prices, panel make-up, methodology, turnaround times and other attributes. We validate the database regularly to ensure the tool is accurate and up-to-date.

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The Concert Platform

As the volume of genetic tests flowing through a health system rises, so does avoidable cost and unnecessary complexity. The Concert Platform is a genetic test order management system that reduces the cost and complexity of test ordering and simplifies the insurance workflow for healthcare providers.

Leading children’s hospitals and academic medical centers across the country use the Concert Platform to:

  • Order tests from more than 300 labs in a single user-friendly interface
  • Reduce the cost of testing
  • Simplify insurance and prior authorization workflow, and
  • Streamline and digitize genetic test ordering and results retrieval.

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