Today, we are pleased to announce the release of a new report: Understanding Genomic Testing Utilization & Coverage in the U.S.

Developed in collaboration with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Illumina, and Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), this report draws insights about the clinical adoption of genomic testing using health insurance claims and coverage policies.

One key finding is that medically appropriate genomic testing is inconsistently utilized across U.S. states. In addition, while health plan coverage varies from state to state, favorable coverage policies do not always correlate with higher utilization rates.

Achieving the promise of precision medicine requires that genomic testing occurs in the right clinical circumstances. This report underscores that health plan coverage is not the only important factor in appropriate utilization, and that a broader range of challenges face efforts to integrate genomic testing into the clinical workflow. Several opportunities to overcome these challenges are also presented.

To access the press release from PMC, click here. The report itself can be found here.

Fri. August 7, 2020